Interesting Garage Conversion Ideas

small garage conversion ideas

Garage can be modified into other living space ideas if you don’t want to use the garage anymore. Garage conversion ideas listed here will inspire you to transform garage into fashionable living space. Garage can be modified into functional living space. Just explore your creative ideas to transform garage into useful living area. To transform garage into another room, you will spend more budget. Consult with interior designer to converse garage to be functional room without spending much money. Here are inspiring garage loft conversion ideas recommended to you.

Homey family room could be brilliant garage conversion ideas. Just place the garage with stylish sofa and coffee table. Before you place furniture in new converted garage, you need to clean it first. All sides of floor, wall and ceiling must be free from dust, stain, and garbage. It is possible to repaint wall to beautify top garage conversion ideas. New paint color in garage will bring different sensation. Afterwards place comfortable sofa and coffee table in the garage modified into living room. Add tv and sideboard as additional equipment for conversion garage.

Garage conversion ideas enable you to change garage into gym. Buy treadmill and other sport equipments to furnish gym. Garage size is eligible to make cozy gym. Of course, you have to make large window to optimize sunlight intensity. Garage conversion also allows you to change it as relaxing play room for kids. Install hanging chairs, swing, and miniature home to entertain your kids. Place cabinet containing a lot of dolls and toys in the brilliant garage playroom.

Usually, people use garage conversion ideas to design stylish kitchen and laundry room. To modify garage into kitchen, you need to install plumbing system, kitchen cabinet, range hood and kitchen appliances well. It seems troublesome but the result will be satisfying. Laundry room is great choice to take advantage used garage. Even, you can transform garage into open plan dining area.

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